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Since he played the character, Jesus, in the 1977 movie, Robert Powell’s photos are hung in churches, homes, cars, schools, offices and many holy grottos all over the world to drive off evil forces and attract good fortunes.

However, Powell has cried out on social media that he is not Jesus and that people should stop worshiping him. Rather, they should respect the true Jesus and worship God. This is among the most trending stories on social media since January 2016.

In his words:

“I never cease to say and I repeat it to the world since 1977. I am not Jesus Christ; I am just an actor and British comedian. I am tired of seeing my photos displayed in places of worship and other places for worship. I just make a film for a living. Burn my picture and worship the only God in truth! I am just an actor… Jesus is Lord!”.

Jim Cavielze

Not only Powell has acted the part of Jesus. Another actor was Jim Cavielzel who is one of the most famous portrayals of Jesus in acting history. He played Jesus in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of The Christ “ which is the greatest selling Christian movie of all time. Speculations are that he too may soon beg people to stop worshipping him like Powell.


However, the photo of Jesus and if at all it ever exist has been a theological discuss in recent times. While some show some picture as Jesus, others say there is no such photo. We only wonder if cameras existed 2,000 years ago to have Jesus’ picture .

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