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Vanessa Vs Le Brasseries Du Cameroun: Who is Fooling Who?

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Vanessa Monjoa (VAJE) was proud winner of the popular MUTZIG Star singing competition organized by Les Brasseries Du Cameroun, a leading brewery company in Cameroon.

Months after her win on December 27, 2017, social media has gone wild on a “Pay Vanessa” campaign against Les Brasseries Du Cameroun.

While applauding efforts of some journalists, opinion leaders and social media influencers who used their media prowess to influence an online Campaign, ARREYB News Reports in its usual style of bringing verified and credible reports decided to dig deep into the Vanessa- MUTZIG Saga perpetrated by social media.

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We spoke to an inside source of the organization as well as sampling other opinions and placed several calls to Vanessa (the victim involved). Here is what we got.

After her win, 23 year old Vanessa was supposed to be awarded a cash sum of 1,000,000 FCFA, a brand new car, 25 crates of drinks and a record deal worth 15,000,000FCFA.

Our findings stated clearly that Vanessa HAS NOT been paid. For the records, we found out that the said Vanessa has been in constant cordial relation with Le Brasseries Du Cameroun authorities in charge of her award.

She had been called to perform in several Brasseries events, the last being her performance on March 8, 2018 (barely two days after social media picked up the campaign).

ARREYB News Reports found it confusing that the same Vanessa could be at logger heads with an organization she has been working with.

“It is true Vanessa has not been awarded but that whole issue has been explained to Vanessa”, our inside source confided. The company delayed due to an unstable atmosphere in the south West Region coupled by constant attack and unforeseen circumstances.

Being a grand event, it would mark the handing of the cash price, the car and the official Launching of the 2018 MUTZIG star competition. A team has even been sent to neighboring Bakweri villages to meet local chiefs between Batoke and Idenau to prepare for the event.

For the records, after a campaign on social media, a Brasseries delegation including top ranking personalities from the Douala head office visited Vanessa’s house in Limbe and tried tirelessly to see her.

Our source confirmed that even days after the delegation left, Vanessa or her management had not made a sign to these officials, explaining their absence for the meeting.

Another sourced confirmed to ARREYB News Reports that one of the judges of the MUTZIG event (one whose name is withheld for private reasons) made a personal visit to Limbe to see Vanessa and caution her on the danger of sending a negative message around which might affect the brand name, Braseries Du Cameroun.

Worthy of note is the fact that MUTZIG Star has organized over 27 editions of this completion and ALL its winners have received their promised awards and exposure from the company. ARREYB News Reports later spoke to a recent winner who also attested that he (name withheld) was also awarded few months after his win.

While this story may seemed imbalanced without Vanessa’s point of view, we made several calls to her to no avail. For the first 3 hours, she would not pick while later on her phone was switched off. Even her management was yet to account for her where about.

Our source would later write to us saying “We Brasseries Du Cameroun would not build a brand name worth billions and rub it in the mud for an award worth a million.

To show our seriousness, we had called Vanessa for many shows around the country and made her perform while waiting for an official award ceremony, In fact, we had started working”.

At the moment of this report, Vanessa is expected in Douala for a better chat and “reconciliation” meeting with Brasseries Du Cameroun officials.

While Vanessa has not been paid, we first of all send appreciating words to every concerned Cameroonian for their ability to support their own and join the clarion call.

Yet we as trained media practitioners would rather prefer that Vanessa who is the main victim make an official statement concerning her treatment. Being a public figure, her management should be responsible for the creation of a duly signed press release to the media stating a breach of contract.

We would also caution media practitioners to responsibly sample both sides of the coin as preached by the rule of journalism and not make assumptions behind keyboards. _______________________

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However, three hours after we published the above article, Vanessa finally comes out to write: “…I am Monjoa Vanessa, the winner of Mutzig star 2017.

I would like to inform individuals and the General Public that I don’t have any complain, problem or misunderstanding with Les Brasseries Du Cameroon with regard to my price as winner of the competition. . As such I have not asked anyone to create a complain on my behalf in regard to my prices …”


ARREYB News Reports Would bring you details on this developing story.

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