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‘From A Broke School-Dropout To A Self-Made Entrepreneur’ – Arrey Bate

Stunning Secrets: How I Made Millions, Built A Solid Brand And Gained Int’l Fame In Less Than 3 Years With Social Media

Selling Crazily,Thousands Already Reading Around The World  ...
How To Make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media by Arrey Bate

Unlike in the early 90’s where television stations and newspaper companies charged an arm and a leg just for you to buy people’s attention on their platforms, today, you can do exactly the same thing or even more exciting things at a cheaper rate and with target precision on social media.

I’m sad to say this, but this is a new magic only few people are taking advantage of.

A bunch of people don’t know that aside the fun on social media, you can actually spike your life from it and live a bonafide lofty life. Another group of people still have double-minds about gaining fatly from social media. But I won’t blame them, every jack and Jill is today advertising some get-rich-quick scheme.

The #1 mistake everyone else makes is trying to show you how to make money online by doing no work and only clicking some shitty links that lead to no where. I will be very frank with you, there’s no such life as easy as that.

Listen Up ! 

This is not a ‘click here and earn quick money without investment’ scheme.

The truth is, there’s no formula but there is a right way to do things on social media and build your world from it

My biggest secret is Intention

You see, “In as much as social media makes you feel very important, you won’t retire home with the likes or comments. After spending your time and megabits, your gain is going to be the things you have used social media to accomplish in your life” [Arrey Bate]

After several years of trial and error, clicking every crazy link and figuring things out the hard way – without anyone guiding me, this led me to questioning everything on social media and eventually looking for ways to jump out of the hands of online crooks.

Clinton Made his first 30k and a week of reading

I’ve finally reached a point where I coined my social media activity into intention that has turned my stars for life.

In the last 3 years of my life, social media has coughed out millions for me working right behind my computer and I can tell you with ZERO doubt that making money and building incredible relationships on social media is possible – the right way.

I have a tiny home office built in my home and I use it whenever I touch my base. But for the most part, life is pretty easy knowing exactly what to post, how to coin it to genuinely connect with people, build a solid brand and make people crawl for my services .Today, you can make the decision to start your freedom journey by simply implementing everything you learn in this book immediately you download.

Rev. Tunde Steve shares quick experience during his flight for a Europe tour

I don’t mention any of these successes to brag or in the hope that you will applaud my efforts. I only mention this to give you the proper context, It’s even more amazing learning from an African like yourself with proofs and a track record of results.

Now you have the opportunity to steal a chunk of my secrets

I’m bent on showing you what exactly to scout from social media and stop wasting your megabits. I’m talking about actions and relationships that will make your pockets to swell, that’s where you beat the ordinary social media user.

This is something completely different from what everyone teaches. These mind-boggling secrets are only for those yearning and craving for a change.

Just Think About It …

This book is over 124 pages+ and goes over the tactics I’ve learned while connecting with brands across Cameroon, Nigeria, USA, UK, Italy, China, Turkey, France, Canada, Germany etc …

I’m Going To Tell You This

❎ I don’t have any links for you to click
❎ I don’t have plans to ask you to invest into any quick-money venture online
❎ I don’t have plans to make you a millionaire in one night, it doesn’t even make sense 

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover in the pages of “How To Make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media”

✅ The RIGHT way to intentionally use social media to land paying clients for your business

✅ Solid secrets to build your brand and promote your career on social media

✅ 6 Legit ways (businesses) you can engage to make money online in Africa (some don’t even need a capital and you can begin earning in a week) 

✅ 7 killer strategies to selling anything online

✅ The #1 reason you work for Facebook for free and how to jump away from it and turn it to your advantage 

✅ The exact targeting I use to approach sponsors, clients and partners that create a spark

✅ How to transform your social media posts into friendly business offers and swell your pockets

✅ “The Art of Phone” – killer inbox conversation techniques that can pop open people’s wallets for you

And There Is A Huge Bonus !


✅ How to identify and grow money making relationships on social media

✅ How to build a social media profile/presence for your brand that seduces anyone to action

✅ My “Juju” concept of advertisement – How to make your brand stick to people’s minds like crazy

✅ How to create and make use of opportunities on your social media

✅And much, much more!

Before You Download The Secret EBook, I Want You To Know That There’s No Trap To This Offer !

I’m betting that you’ll enjoy the book so much, you’ll ask to take my consultancy sessions. I have sold over a thousand copies of this book and from the reviews, you can tell this is no child’s play

I’m literally giving you this entire book, as a means of “putting my best foot forward” and demonstrating real value. As you are already aware, the book has always sold at $17 (10,000 FCFA) and people paid because these secrets are worth more. How do I even put a price to such valuable knowledge and experience that took me a chunk of failing years to gather? 

My hope is that you’ll love it and this will be the start of a good business relationship between us. But right now it’s only $9 (5,000 FCFA) and of course there’s a 24 hours money-back guarantee where you can get a full refund

This offer expires in 5 days 

Like my Granny used to say to me before she died “test the water with one foot before you dive into it”…

So here’s what I’ve arranged:

Download the eBook, read it out, but more importantly apply what you learn in there.

Shoot my team a WhatsApp Message and request a refund if you don’t love it. We’ll refund your $9 and let you keep the book free of charge.

And since you’ve made it this far, I’ll assume that you’re ready to
order, so with that in mind, punch the green BUY NOW button below… You can pay via MTN Mobile money or PAYPAL


Who is Arrey Bate ?

Arrey Bate As Featured At Reuters
Arrey Bate (ARREYB)

Arrey Bate is a widely celebrated international political blogger, journalist and online brand consultant/influencer

In 2018 he was nominated among the top in Cameroon

In 2019 he was listed among British Council’s top 100 young journalists worldwide, featured live on BBC and nominated at Infinity Blog Awards USA.

He featured among top 200 bloggers worldwide from a submission of 3,000.

ARREYB is the go-to consultant ace at developing and implementing successful B2B and B2C go-to advertising/marketing campaigns including in presidential election campaigns.

You will never see him without his smiles, he travels with them …


Arrey Bate (ARREYB)

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