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My name is Arrey Bate Arrey, I am a blogger, Online Marketing consultant & one of Cameroon’s best digital communicators who has been featured on BBC World Service, British Council’s top 100 Young journalists worldwide and other international media.

Social media is the only way I make money and I’m bent on sharing my secrets with you.

Personally, I have deep regrets for the opportunities I missed on social media and I am concerned about you making my very mistakes.

My experiences have taught me so much and I’m worried about you falling in the hands of some smart guys.

Listen !

Don’t get entangled with one of those quick-money techniques that won’t see the light of the day.

In this book I painstakingly demystified  legit ways to make money online, build money making relationships, killer strategies to sell anything online and build a social media presence that seduces anyone into action.

These are strategies that have worked for me and set me on world stages and can work for anyone alike : entrepreneurs, entertainers, job seekers, CEOs and workers …

To begin, I want you to give me your green light, to think positive and consider that this is your time to make use of this digital era and live the life of your dreams.

Frankly, you will be doing yourself evil if you don’t grab this book.

If till date you still have doubts about the making money on social media, then you need to rethink.

The price of this book does not reflect the value of the knowledge I will share with you but I have no choice.

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