There has been much talk recently on a possible come together between Cameroon’s celebrity artist, Daphne and Equinox’s outstanding journalist Prince Nfor Hanson Nchanji. Days ago, Prince posted on his Facebook page

 “Good morning Daphne, I like the song Calee”

Two days after, when Daphne was involved in an accident, Equinox’s Prince posted again, this time with an amazing picture of her recent Rastafari video. The words so touching…


“Just two days when I said I loved your track Calee,now you had an accident. Thank God you are doing great”.

Could this be a crush? All these raised eye brows across the national territory on a possible come together between the two celebrities in their different worlds. 

On the same June 10, Prince shared a link of Cameroon News Agency which analyses the accident and her survival from it. But this did not just end there.

The peak of the whole issue was Hanson’s recent post about 9 hours ago where he clearly stated that his love for Daphne was not erotic but love just like any other fan. Is Hanson serious? see his full post below…

“Please my love for Daphne is not erotic; have received about 15 demands or request for interview for journalist love for artist. Na Amb…love abeg,she inspires many”

Though many comments made fun of the whole issue, many encouraged Prince Hanson to pick up the challenge.

Prince in a chat with ARREY~B stated clearly:

”I was just expressing my love for her track. We should appreciate at least our own artists”

But what if Daphne is interested, Would Prince Hanson take the bull by the horn or refute the dilemma by escaping between the horn? We can’t wait for a collabo in Daphne’s next track. Possibly a short news report from Prince. lol

At ARREY-B, your thoughts matter. Leave a comment for Daphne and Hanson, don’t forget to share.





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