Economy: CryptoCurrency Gets To Cameroon. Try The Easy And Soft “Crypto-Life” With Nelium Wallet

According to Joseph Young’s article written in June 2015 titled «Cameroon Government implements centralized Altcoin Test», he wrote “cryptocurrency is a digital currency built with cryptographic protocols that make transactions secure and difficult to fake”.

The article points out some backdrops regarding the blockchain application. 

That does not go without saying that Cameroon has observed a great evolution in its finance sector which may be arguably fully or partially due to the awareness of cryptocurrency.  
Cryptocurrency is a great facilitator for money transactions. To have to wait for hours before purchasing a product, money transfer or even paying bills or fees is gradually becoming a tale for our kids.

The aim here is to identify how cryptocurrency currency could be beneficial to Cameroon. 


  • Low cost

Transactions fees are almost free  the best example is the Nelium Wallet highly secured cryptocurrency wallet produced in Cameroon by Wouri Technologies which does local peer to peer exchange and also assists in storing, buying and selling IOTA coins.

  • The future of mobile money

Africa already stands out with its mobile money innovations.  Cryptocurrency could set the new pace with its mouth watering advantages. 

  • Time Saving and stress free

      Cryptocurrency is a great facilitator, these old days when we had to wait for hours before purchasing a product or transfer money are now far behind us. All you need is to have an application like Nelium in your smartphone, wherever you are, you can conduct your transactions fast and with the highest security. 

  • Unbanking

 According to CNN report, 90% of the Cameroon population is unbanked due to all the charges involved in owning an account that is, one will not use all his money to buy an expensive wallet and keep it empty. The creation of a Nelium account is free as well as all the transactions carried out. 


Do you want to have a stress free life? Pay bills easily? save time and energy? Reduce the stress by using the contacts below.  Its no harm trying new and amazing things. Thank me later … 

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