Mayor Of Tubah Council Appeals For Calm Amongst Residents Amidst Land Dispute

Amidst continues tension and street protests in Bambili, Mayor Tanjong Martin of Tubah Council has appealed for calm among the residents. The unrest comes after a long-standing land dispute between Bambili and Nkwen villages.

Addressing a crowd of agitated women and youth in Bambili on November 23, Mayor Tanjong stressed on the importance of waiting for state intervention on the situation.

“I have called for calm. We cannot sacrifice life for land. In the 21st century, we are still fighting, killing, and destroying properties for land. I have called on my people to be calm. Let’s follow the law; we in Tubah believe in law and not aggression,” Mayor Tanjong said.

Accompanied by the Divisional Officer (DO) of Tubah, Massango Metouge Narcisse, the Mayor also condemned the burning of houses and destruction of properties at the scene.

“If it is non-Bambili people burning these houses, we are calling for an immediate stop to this ill activity,” he stated.

According to reports, homes in Bambili were set on fire near the Nkwen border, which infuriated the locals even more because they thought hired people were to blame for these crimes. Some claimed that the Nkwen people had driven them out so that they could sell their lands.

The contested land borders Bambili, Bambui, and Nkwen and is situated close to the Bamenda industrial zone. Other authorities have not yet commented on the long-standing nature of the conflict as of the time this report was published.

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