Discover Chritivity: Changing The Narratives For Start-Ups In Cameroon

Discover Chritivity: Changing The Narratives For Start-Ups In Cameroon

By Israel Penn

Following research, personal analysis and societal observations, two ground-breaking Cameroonian minds are overcoming the hurdles start-ups, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) encounter.

Chritivity’s founder and co-founder Massango Ndumbe & Ekpombang Derick, dug deep into some sustainability challenges young entrepreneurs face in Cameroon’s business and entrepreneurship sector.

They particularly picked interest following some research analysis that 95% of Cameroonian start-ups don’t last for more than a 5 year period.

Motivated by the inadequacy of consulting firms in Cameroon focussed towards start-upers, Creativity, Innovation & Proactivity came to mind!


Chritivity is a Consulting Firm delivering highly-sought coaching and consulting services for Start-ups and SMEs.

Over the past 17 months, Chritivity has evolved with assorted areas of business and project development.

Strategic focus areas cut across; Project Management, Business Process Management, Accounting & Bookkeeping and Tax Advisory.


Chritivity envisions assisting start-ups in Cameroon to grow to medium sized enterprises through strategic coaching and consulting.

Chritivity’s future is raising the standards as the leading start-up consulting firm across the African Continent.

We aspire venturing into Consulting markets, products/services categories and everything beyond consulting.


With trustworthy relations with clients and individuals, Chritivity has guided plus four (4) organizations with top-notch strategies on increasing their profits and efficiency.

We have helped out clients redesign their business models and processes. Chritivity is open to working with start-ups to boost their efficiency for sustainability.

Tel: +237 676663295
Office: malingo, molyko- Buea.
Facebook: Chritivity

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