[Innovation]Belka,World’s Leading Art Of Natural Wall Design Gets To Cameroon

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Belka, an ideal modern-day low maintenance alternative to paint and wallpaper is now in Cameroon after operating for years in the diaspora.

It is an perfect and cost-effective way of adding color texture and style to your walls and ceilings in residential, commercial and administrative buildings,educational and medical facilities, film and recording studios.

Belka can be readily applied to any surface including plastered, cemented, wooden, metal, glass, and all painted surfaces. You can even use Belka to cover unevenness, holes, gaps and cracks.

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It delivers stunning professional durable finish no matter the surface; with multiple colors on a wall.

Belka brings you the beauty and benefits of nature to your interior walls and ceilings by using premium environmentally friendly and recyclable ingredients that are down from the natural world. They contain no heavy metals, chemical contaminants or solvents and produce no chemical vapors during mixture or application


DOES NOT ABSORB DUST : In different tests conducted around the world, it has been found that Belka has anti-static properties that will not attract or absorb dust, allow insects, to settle on the surface or allow mildew to form since the cellulose and cotton fires absorb any moisture in the air.

DOES NOT REQUIRE SURFACE PREPARATION: Unlike other cases where a surface must be covered with a special foundation such as plastering, Belka can be applied directly on bricks,wood,plastered, cemented, tiles, bricks, metals, glass or any surface saving time in application and preparation and making it affordable.

Due to the textured finish and composition of Belka, most sound waves that comes in contact with it are absorbed and diffused. This reduces echo and inhibit the passage of sound from one area to another.

It is this quality that makes Belka the perfect choice for walls and ceilings in sound recording studios, gymnasium and indoor recreational facilities, children’s rooms and medical

In building and construction, elasticity is the ability of a product to expand and contract without damage to or changes in its appearance or level of performance.

Belka has a high elasticity and it is not affected by expansion and contraction of the surface it is applied on. The high stability and elasticity of Belka means that once covered, the surface flow will not re-appear.

Belka will completely seal any gaps and crevices and protect against draught which account for up to 25% of heat loss from a room during winter season and also work to prevent the summer heat from outside entering the room through the walls .

Belka is made out of cotton and cellulose fires and has a natural tendency to absorb moisture then help to eliminate moisture problems such as condensation.

Belka is based more on natural ingredients that are both environmentally friendly and compatible with and safe for human contact. Belka does not contain solvents, chemical contaminants or heavy metals or chemicals.

All plant fires used in Belka have been tested and are completely safe for human contact. The HH: HP of Belka due to the solvency in water is 7 times.

You should use BELKA today, it is affordable and very effective.Call our Cameroon head office and it’s done!

BELKA Director, Cameroon
Tel. +237 673558457
Email. arreykingsly@gmail.com

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