Complete List Of Winners Into the BDMA 2017 Awards – First On ARREYB

The much anticipated night of the Bonteh Digital Media Awards(BDMA) has just ended. 

BDMA has been exceptional. It’s been 4 Months of intensive preparation,  planning and strategic thinking. And now the first ever Digital Media night in Cameroon has taken place (BDMA2017). 

Friday December 22nd 2017 has made news as digital entrepreneurs scribbled down their names in the history books.
Here is the complete list of winners into the 20 selected categories for BDMA2017 :

  1. Best Blogger (en) – Joan Ngomba
  2. Best Blogger (fr) – Atome 
  3. Best video director – Mysta Adrenaline
  4. Best photographer – Nji Asonganyi 
  5. Best TV show host – President Tchop Tchop
  6. Innovation of the year – Muzikol
  7. Best mobile app – Life Share
  8. Best YouTube channel – Dr Sea
  9. Best content creator – Tino Foy 
  10. Best online magazine – Tonga Magazine
  11. Best fashion blogger – Mammi P
  12. Media personality of the year -Syndy Emade
  13. Best radio presenter – Nabil Nabstar
  14. Best artist manager – Pearl Louma
  15. Best public relations – Prince Enobi Michael
  16. Best graphic designer – Bine Moukuri
  17. Best digital marketer – Hi Tech
  18. Woman in Tech Award – Sophie Ngassa 
  19. Best News Website – Cameroon News Agency (CNA)
  20. Best showbiz promoter – 237 Showbiz 

BDMA2017 was sponsored by Orange Cameroun and Wax Dey was brand ambassador. 

By Arrey Bate for ARREYB News Reports

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