Cameroon Journalist Samuel Wazizi Goes Missing For 8 Months

Since August 2019, no word has been heard about Cameroonian Journalist Samuel Wazizi

The government in her usual style of silencing journalists has kept Wazizi after he willingly showed up to be interrogated at the Muea Police station – with no iota of resistance.

There are fears that Samuel Wazizi has been eliminated as the court repeatedly fails to produce him for legal proceedings with no explanations.

Detained since August 2019, his court cases have been adjourned several times and the government has failed to give any explanation, even after his lawyers filed a habeas corpus and were told he would be in court for the following appearance.

It is feared that Wazizi has been under severe torture by the Infantry Battalion which is said, by law, to have no investigative unit or detention centres. These fears even amount to him being eliminated.

Wazizi’s lawyers and concerned colleagues have been on a man hunt to police stations and prisons, yet no clue.

Samuel Wazizi is an orphan who grew to be the only bread winner of the family he lived with at the time of his arrest.

The former CMTV pidgin newscaster is in custody because the separatist group, Ambazonia fighters set up a camp in his farm. Besides, he is also accused of spreading information from Ambazonia fighters to threaten the population.

Despite refusing all allegations levied against him at the moment of his arrest, the police commissioner said he could not grant him bail because the administration of South West “was on the case closely”.

Several court sessions have past and the 21st Motorised Infantry Battalion of South West jurisdiction has failed to produce him for legal proceedings.

He is not the only journalist caught in the government net. Journalists like Paul Chouta, Wawa Jackson and a host of others are still languishing behind bars for their critical reports

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