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ARREYB ICM Ambassador

Dear ARREYB Readers, pass this on to your relatives, tell mama and papa that their compounds and neighbourhoods can always get portable drinking water with ANC Stock Investment Ltd. 

They stand out as a leading borehole drilling company with the vision to provide the best portable drinking water to the community; even for industrial use.
ANC Stock Investment Ltd uses professional drilling technology to solve water problem in  cities, residence and communities at a very moderate rate. 

ANC Stock Investment Ltd is on same building with Ntarinkon credit union Mile 17, (top floor). 
Visit or give them a call and mention ARREYB, then be suprised at how cheap it would turn out. 

See contact details below:  

Tell:  650960000/669361490


Location, P.O Box :246, Buea


A Little About ANC Stock Investment Ltd

ANC Stock Investment Ltd, Is an “Open- Ended” Investment company that buys, holds, sells and manages securities and funds for investment purposes.  

At ANC stock investment ltd, we offer a diversified investment portfolio to our investors which include: stocks, bonds, mutual fund and traded commodities   which are constantly expanding and contracting as investors move in and out of the stock market.