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If only we could live in a world where everything would be easily done and life would be so simple. 

Imagine a life where you just have to keep your dirty dresses in a box for few hours and later you find them clean and well ironed. 

We all know that laundry is not just stressful  but also time consuming and we surely have a special dress that we would like to treat with care and get it washed through a pressing.

So,the world is being covered day by day by a magic touch : Technology, which has simplified life for everyone and guess what ? It is also the case with laundry. 

We all are aware of the existence of pressings right ? But have we ever heard of a digital pressing ? 

May be yes, but have you heard of a magic pressing ? Probably No ! why the word magic ? Because it works like magic ! After you have downloaded the application in your smartphone or computer, no more stress. 

Instant pressing comes to you, the result is perfect and You cannot imagine the time that you will save. 
That’s the magic touch of Instant pressing created by wouri Technologies. 

What makes Instant Pressing different from other pressings ? 

  • Pick-up and quick delivery
  • Instant pressing is more close  to you than you can imagine. Why do you have stress when  with just a  phone call your Laundry is well and quickly done ? Instant Pressing does everything just for the complete satisfaction of its customers. 
  • Low price and availability
  • A pressing that comes to you, picks your dirty dresses, brings them back to you clean an ironed them quickly, a pressing that is available within 6 :30 am to 11 : 30 am wherever you are in Douala, a pressing which produce the best service should be surely expensive right ?  Or that’s what you might think, but guess what ? Instant pressing is very cheap and have the best prices on the market because its first aim is a service affordable by everybody that is why prices are per kilo of dresses. 
  • Quality service
  • Instant Pressing offers many services according to your needs : dry cleaning of all sorts. Your delicate dresses are treated with more care. 
  • -perfect ironing (you wash your dresses and Instant cleaning iron them for you). 

How to get to Instant Pressing ? 

Instant Pressing is an omnipresent service, it is  close to all its customers . For example, if you live at Deïdo, Instant cleaning is close to you because you just need to text or call and you Instant pressing service quickly,as well as if you live anywhere else in Douala. 

WhatsApp : 690380588-654182458

Tel : 233473853

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