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Justin Bieber~Artist


On like other circular artists, Justin Bieber stunned the crowd at his recent Ariana Grand’s One Love Manchester concert. The rock star proved one of the most amazing moments as he broke down on stage.

Praise World reports that Bieber went on stage at the Sunday benefit with nothing more than a guitar and his voice which was in itself incredibly effective as he got the entire crowd sing to some of his hits. 

He also said a prayer for the fallen Manchester victims. He continued to ask the crowd to put both hands in the air and repeat after him in honor of those victims; an act the audience happily obliged.

His exact words to the over fifty thousand people were:

“God is in the midst of the evil. God is good in the midst of all the darkness. He loves you. To the families, we love you so much. Put both hands up to honor those people right now”

Social media analyses that this is the rare side of Bieber unveiled to his audience. A side which we must comment as unifying attitude at the Manchester event.


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