Meet Dr. Nkeng Sone And The Budding “PEH Healthy Living” Institution-The Health And Entrepreneur  Experts

PEH Healthy Living is a leading Buea based enterprise for personal development, helping many to discover their purpose and leading them to achieve their own personal success in life. 
PEH Healthier Living esteems personal initiative and bases on an experience that any failure in life can be an opportunity for great change and maximum success. 

Apart from personal development, PEH Healthy Living provides quality health services focusing on health, wellbeing and entrepreneurship. PHL believes that any healthy-empowered person who has an open mind to acquire the necessary skills can generate income. If skilled people of character with passion as a team genuinely embark on a just course of action for a good purpose, the impact would be tremendous in the society. 

The organization provides amazing services that attracts many across the globe.  

  • They organize entrepreneurial workshops and events. These are monthly seminars to provide an opportunity for people to build entrepreneurial careers, get coaching and have experts guide them on the process. They also organize health workshops and events. 
  • Environmental friendly real estate: Here they ease selling and purchase of land. 
  • Hotel booking and management: They ease the accommodation of people from far and nearby making hotel reservations and lodging for them
  • Promoting healthier living: Provide organic and natural products for health as well as coaching sessions to better health conditions. 
  • connecting people and general marketing globally : Here PHL eases the sales and purchase of products internationally (countries like Germany) 

PEH Healthy Living strongly encourages the consumption of natural products, fruits and medicine instead of the medicated products which would have a long run effect to the body. 

At the head of this organization is Doctor Nkeng Sone who has several years of experience, working as a medical doctor in several nations across the world. He believes that natural products are able to keep and preserve us strong and healthy for work. 

Dr. Nkeng’s professionalism and expertise cannot be over emphasized as his woks have stood the test of time. His consultations on health empowerment and entrepreneurship are for those who desire to live healthier and don’t know how to go about it. Doctor Nkeng is a strong recommendation. Every Wednesday, stand the chance to meet the doctor himself for personal talks.  

His desire to provide the community with Buea’s first natural relaxation point is now a reality. PEH healthy Living Center provides natural healthy products like chocolates, fruit juice rich which are rich in content. The team is offering an ongoing promo with a 10% percent discount on every product. 

With PEH Healthy Living, take your health, wealth and success into your own hands, empower yourself and change your life 

Location: Fakoship Plaza Building, Bongo square {Clerks Quarters} 

Contact: +237 679 823 361 / 653 967 269


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