The Passing Of Prof Enoh Tanjong, Founding Father Of UB’s Journalism & Mass Communication Department

"My name is Enoh, I'm from Fotabe" were usually his first words before his lessons.

“My name is Enoh, I’m from Fotabe” were usually his first words before his lessons.

Enoh Tanjong, one of the founding fathers of the University of Buea’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, has died in Yaounde

A baobab in the Cameroon media landscape, Enoh is accredited for raising some of Cameroon’s brightest journalists

“I woke up this morning to the sad news of my academic father, Prof Enoh Tanjong, passing on.
The Pope of JMC as we called him, was the initiator of many theories and concepts which pushed many of us, trainees at the department, to become what we are today…” Njapteh Macwalter, journalist and ex-JMC wrote on the demise

Serving the media space for over thirty years, Enoh was fondly called “Fotabe Boy”, a name he got from how he introduced himself to his students

He’d fondly tell his students to read until they pick papers from the streets of Molyko and know their concepts

Enoh is also accredited for his numerous publications, books, articles, research concepts and creator of several theories

He retired in November 2020 and in June 2021, Enoh Tanjong was appointed by President Paul Biya as a member of the National Communications Council, NCC.

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