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Minutes to the proclamation of results for Cameroon’s 2018 presidential election, MRC candidate, Maurice Kamto has announced a boycott of the ceremony.

Kamto’s spokesman has made it clear that the professor would not be attending the event which is scheduled for today at the Yaounde Conference Center.

After October 7, the day for national voting, Kamto had declared himself winner of the elections and and proceeded to hold several press conferences to call for justice and cry foul to any elections rigging.

Kamto’s boycott therefore leaves many with the feeling that the proclamation of the results may be a routinal ceremony .

While the event is ongoing, there is a created tension to see who Cameroon’s elections governing body, ELECAM would declare winner.

The fear of a national uproar is seen as Cameroonians in over 5 diaspora countries have called for justice in street protests.

After the proclamation of the results, the Constitutional Council is expected to swear in the president elect in the next fifteen days (CNT writes)

As it stands, the swearing in or oath taking ceremony is expected to take place on November 7, 2018 in accordance with the law.

Chapter six section 140 sub 2 of the Cameroon electoral code stipulates that the president elect shall take the oath of office before the Cameroonian people and in the presence of members of parliament that is the senate and the parliamentarians, the constitutional council and the supreme court in a solemn session.

The President of the National Assembly shall administer the oath, culminating in the famous phrase “I do so swear’ by the president elect.

The oath is a show of declaration and honor to faithfully carry out the duties of the president, preserving, protecting and defending the constitution as well as the laws of the republic of Cameroon, to watch over the common wealth of the nation and to uphold and defend the unity , integrity and independence of the Cameroon Fatherland.

The pledge will have to be taken by the president elect standing, raising his right hand and facing the law makers, the Constitutional Council and the dignitaries of the Supreme Court.

The fundamental laws of the land being the constitution will have to be upheld by the president elect.

Upon his swearing in, the Constitutional Council remains the fundamental keeper of the laws of the land and ensuring the role of law , a democratic bench mark