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The Cameroon travel sector has got a boost with the invention of a new travel system which enables one to book and travel from home.
The innovation was recently launched by TAKWID EXPRESS, one of Cameroon’s most trust worthy and emerging company. Unlike the situation where we admire developed countries, Cameroon has once again proved its emergence with this facility. All you need to do is “think of travelling”. 

Imagine the excruciating pain of being squeezed during a long journey, doubled alongside other FAT people and get to buy pain killer drugs immediately you arrive? ALL that ends NOW.

Be it a business or leisure ride; Join thousands of other amazing riders round the country. Trust me there are few steps for great success, TAKWID EXPRESS IS HERE!

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TAKWID EXPRESS is Cameroon’s most recent and emerging travel facility which gives you the opportunity to book from home and find those traveling your way.

We have seen and heard many complain of little or no conversations during their journey and we assure you that this platform is one that will create such a connection you would desire.

It is the easiest facility to travel now. With a blink of an eye you should be in a car, comfortably sited and traveling at your convenience.

TAKWID EXPRESS operates from any town in Cameroon. Ultimately, you get to choose whoever you ride on with, either as a car owner or as a passenger. We would greatly recommend this for you.

TAKWID EXPRESS will help you find a ride. 

Drivers can post a ride of where they are going to and TAKWID EXPRESS will link them to passengers going their way.

This is how it works: Four easy steps and you are set to flyyyyyy

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Any identification (valid government-issued ID ,Voters card, Driver’s License, National ID card)


On trust is the key. There is a dedicated and committed team of individuals who are assigned to assist you with finding available rides, as well as to answer whatever questions, feedbacks and complaints you may have regarding a ride or a user.

Once you find a ride that works for you, ONE CLICK does your booking and instant SMS services will reveal all of your details.

Safety is the most important thing and TAKWID has set up a few safety measures to ensure that the community is a safe.

You don’t want to miss the ride. Click any photo above (TAKWID EXPRESS) and get started.


Phone: +237 661 428 989



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