West Region: Ambazonian ‘Commander’ No Pity Allegedly kills Nine Military

Separatist self-proclaimed ‘General’ No Pity of Bambalang village in Ngoketunjia division has resurfaced with another deathly attack on the Cameroon military.

According to a video circulating online, it is alleged that No Pity and his forces have killed at least nine Cameroonian forces in Njitapon, a locality besides Noun, West region.

Amongst those killed was Sub Lieutenant Pismo Richard of the command post.

In a voice message circulating online that Arreyb Media is opportune to have, it is revealed that No Pity and his gang attacked the control post on June 7, 2022 and set the building ablazed, before beheading the forces.

In yet another video circulating online, No Pity is seen kneeling down infront of his forces, begging God to give him more strength as he continues with the Anglophone armed conflict.

This is reportedly the third deathly attack on the Cameroon military by No Pity since the Ambazonian war of independence started in 2016.

In May 2021, No Pity attacked a control post in Lassin, Bui division, North West region and killed four military officers.

He reportedly overpowered the Cameroon military forces in September, 2021 at Sabga and killed more than half a dozen forces.

Government officials are yet to make a statement on this latest attack, which is out of the North West region.

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