This Mayor Is Asking Citizens To Pay A Levy To Fight Covid-19 Or Get Their Shops Sealed

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Douala, Cameroon – In the midst of the spread of the coronavirus in Cameroon, Douala II mayor is levying market citizens with an inescapable fee to fight the pandemic.

Denise Fampou released a communique enforcing shop owners of ‘Marche Des Femmes’ to pay the sum of 1,000frs each, an amount she said was intended to boost the fight against Covid-19.

Fampou threatened to seal shops of traders who refuse to comply with the contributions.

Some days ago, in an article we published requesting a total lockdown in Cameroon, several citizens expressed worry about an imminent lockdown without a source of income.

They expressed worry that it will be a difficult moment for the citizen class who depend on a daily hustle to feed and care for family.

“The government is asking us to stay home. We can do, but are they going to feed us? Covid-19 won’t kill us but hunger will. If they can provide for all our basic needs then I’ll personally stay home” Saint wrote from Yaounde

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Kesh, another reader thinks the government should assist many Cameroonians to effect the lockdown process

“A huge number of cameroonians must go out everyday to feed their homes. Even if women and children stay home, it will be extremely difficult for most heads of families to stay home if they are not assisted financially by the government” he said

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Cameroon now has 147 confirmed cases of the virus . The government has stayed adamant to calls for an official lockdown to curb the spread .

Many doubt that the country could win the fight against the virus, but they note that it is time for the country’s authorities and citizens to act and combat the spread.

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