Immigrants From Tunisia Unhappy Over 65,000 Government Donation To Each

There has been several reactions from Cameroonian emigrants from Tunisia as government issues xaf 65,000  to each as help.

The ministry of external relations (MINREX) announced that upon their arrival the first set of emigrants will receive immediate support from government.

Information gathered says out of 161 Cameroonians found in Tunisia, only 75 agreed to return to Cameroon. They arrived on board a Royal Air Maroc flight that had been chartered by the government.

However, several of them who arrived Cameroon have expressed dissatisfaction with the amount given to them each by the government to assist them start afresh.

“I say thank you, but this amount is insignificant for people who have lost and abandoned everything in Tunisia where they lived waiting for a better tomorrow. I am a trained cook and will be glad if I can have something significant to start up a business,” an emigrant said.

Aged 4 – 52, the government housed the 75 returnees in a makeshift facility for migrants upon arrival in Yaounde on April 6. It is believed that each of them received a cheque of xaf 65,000 from the government as assistance.

The migrants voiced that it will be a big failure going back to thier families since they were financially stable in Tunisia and hence will need more finance to kick-start live from scratch in Cameroon.

“I want to open a restaurant that sells pizza but I need money to start and I don’t have any. Going back to my family is a big failure. Psychologically, I haven’t yet adjusted to it…my predicament is intolerable,” another decried.

Many of them complained of spending years in Tunisia hoping to cross to Europe but were unsuccessful.

Following the violence foreigners encounter in Tunisia, Cameroon is one of the last sub-Saharan African nations to fly home all its citizens.

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