DGSN Issues New Updates on ID Cards NW, SW, West Excluded From publication

The delayed issuance of identity cards in Cameroon has long been a source of dissatisfaction for some citizens. Some claim that because their ID cards have expired, police officers have occasionally harassed them at checkpoints.

Many people who had given up hope have found great relief in the statement signed by Martin Mbarga Nguélé, the Delegate General for National Security, which forbids withholding identity cards from travellers on the basis that they are expired.

The people of Adamawa, the Extreme North, the North, the East, the Centre, the Littoral, and the South are included in this message.

People can now travel with expired ID cards without being hassled by security personnel, according to the release.

Residents of the NW, SW, and West protest being left off the list of regions to profit from this new development, despite the fact that this move is thought to be beneficial for the population.

After making waves on social media, many believe adding the West to the North West and South West regions seems fueling activating the mode of unique status.

However, some are happy that this move from the DGSN will restrict the police from extorting money from those with outdated IDs at checkpoints.

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