Bamenda: Police Officer Shoots Mother of Four

The population of Bamenda is in shock after a police officer whose identity has been concealed by authorities shot a lady named Sheila Praise, in her shop at the Hospital Roundabout neighbourhood in Bamenda on Tuesday, September 26, 2023.

The police officer reportedly went into the lady’s shop to rest from the heated sun during the day and fell asleep for more than an hour, a witness confirmed to MMI.

“When it was closing time, his colleagues called him out for them to retire home Since he was sleeping, Sheila Praise was the one who indicated to him that his friends were calling,” he said.

“He got up and told the victim, ‘Je vais te tirer dessus,’ roughly translated as ‘I will shoot you’. Despite plea from the lady’, he opened fire at close range damaging her knee.” the source added.

It is not the first time this is happening. Many have become victims of such acts of violence indiscriminately in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions since the crisis broke out in 2016.

“Many of such acts have been perpetrated on civilians, but the security heads in the region have always turned a blind eye. If this goes unpunished, it would give them the right to continue shooting people because they know nothing will happen to them,” another source decried.

The people of Bamenda have vowed to take to the streets if legal actions are not taken against the police officer who shot the victim at close range.

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