Kamto Goads Biya To Show Proof Of His Capability

Maurice Kamto, opposition leader and president of the MRC Party has given President Paul Biya seven days to address the Cameroonian people and show proof of his capability as president

“I urge Mr. Biya within seven (07) days from the publication of this communiqué to address Cameroonians himself – to tell them his response to the Covid-19 pandemic and above all to announce the necessary means of financing households and businesses to ensure the efficiency of the lock down process” – part of the three page document read

Kamto is goading Biya to assume his presidential duties and address the people, or failure to do so will mean proof of his capability.

“I bear the right to call on the people of Cameroon to take all actions as a result of his inability to rule”

As aspirant in the October 2018 presidential elections, Kamto and his MRC won 14 percent of the votes, placing second after incumbent President Paul Biya

He is the candidate who rejected the results, denouncing alleged electoral irregularities. He declared himself the official winner leading to several mass protests.

He was charged with sedition, insurrection, inciting violence, and hostility, and was subsequently jailed from January 28 to October 5, 2019.

The confront comes two days after social media ran wild with news of Paul Biya’s death, an allegation which the ministry of communication debunked.

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