President Biya Dismisses Judge Incharge Of Martinez Zogo Case

Following a decision this Wednesday, December 13, 2023, the President of the Republic of Cameroon, His excellency Paul Biya has appointed new officials at the Ministry of Defense.

A major reshufflement is Magistrate Colonel Florent Aimée SIKATI who has been dismissed as vice president of his jurisdiction. He was equally the investigating judge in charge of the Martinez ZOGO case.

Magistrate Colonel Pierrot Narcisse NZIE will now occupy his position.

These new appointments comes two weeks after a scandal in the Martinez ZOGO affair. Given a communiqué leaked on social media on December 1, the investigating judge Florent Aimée SIKATI ordered the release of Jean Pierre AMOUGOU BELINGA and Maxime EKO EKO.

To him their detention was “no longer necessary for the manifestation of the truth” and it was unwise keeping them in sail due to the Martinez Zogo case.

The decision sparked massive reactions that caused authorities of the Ministry of Defense to debunk the release as fake news and judge Florent Aimée SIKATI himself did same.

Also, Didier SIPA DOGMO, the Director of Military Justice has been laid off duty and replaced by magistrate Colonel Pascal DJIOFACK. Colonel SIPA becomes the Inspector General of the Armed Forces

The military court in Maroua will now be presided over by magistrate squadron leader Emmanuel KEP NGONE. While in Buea, magistrate commander Éric André ATEMENGUE OMBGWA is the newly appointed government commissioner.

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