Bamenda: Paul Atanga Nji confirms ‘Govt’s Mind’, Utters Derogatory Statements After December 12 Casualties

Recently, the North West region of Cameroon has experienced back-to-back casualties, increase killings and kidnappings.

A recent casualty saw ESU Technical High School in Menchum in the North-West region attacked by suspected separatist fighters on Tuesday December 12, 2023. The attack caused. During the attack, 8 students, a censor and a general supervisor were kidnapped.

Equally, the principal’s office was rased to ashes including two blocks and two motorcycles.

Still on thesame day, Zemkwe Gabriel, a mathematics teacher and executive at the departmental delegation of secondary education in Ndonga Mantung, was shot dead in his car in Ntaba.

While on a visit in Bamenda, Northwest region, the Minister of Territorial Administration made surprising statements that certainly adds more injury to wounds already gotten.

“They (separatists) are in total disarray, I ask simple questions. Those who thought they were too strong: Madock, Lucifer, Cross and Die where are they today? They are in the kingdom of lucifer… I feel like lucifer has rejected the terrorists from the north and southwest.” Minister Paul stated.

Two cases of extreme violence which add to the long list of civilians and armed forces targeted and killed daily by separatists in the north-west region.

According to Paul Atanga Nji, who arrived in the region on Wednesday December 13, “The security situation is generally under control”

“We certainly have pockets of resistance but the terrorists will be hunted down. Those who intimidate and kill innocent children will be hunted down,” said Paul Atanga Nji.

Going further, he said that some 1,800 former separatist fighters currently stay in the DDR center of Bamenda and 1,700 in that of the South West.

5 years and counting, all adopted measure by the government to end the crisis hs visibly gone down the drain. Everyday civilians are killed, kidnapped and several areas face insecurity issues.

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