Ngoketunjia: SDO Criticizes Elites For Snubbing Peace Initiatives

The Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Ngoketunjia, Quetong Kongeh Handerson, has condemned the elites of the Division for always boycotting locally organized activities aiming to bring peace in the area.

The SDO stressed in a public letter addressed to the sons and daughters of Ngoketunjia Division that these actions were essential to improving the security conditions within the division and promoting the restoration of peace.

He decried the lack of participation from important parties in events intended to support the delicate task of restoring peace and normalcy to Ngoketunjia.

The DO’s statement reads – “While the administrative authorities, Unit Heads of the defense and security services of Ngoketunjia Division, spend sleepless nights to carry out activities in order to pacify and normalize daily life in our division, the same torchbearers and various stakeholders of Ngoketunjia origin, who are expected to accompany these authorities in order to accomplish this very delicate and difficult mission, always absent themselves from meetings and other activities programmed for this purpose.”

But in most cases, the people have usually been victimized by separatists or the government.

Ngoketunjia is one of the 13 Divisions constituting the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, that have been battling with instability since the crisis since 2016.

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