Biya Marks 41 Years In Power, Where’s Cameroon Heading ?

President Mbivondo Paul Biya, 90 old, is one of the oldest leaders in the world haven marked 40 years as head of state in Cameroon.

Being the second longest serving leader in Africa, he assumed office in 1982. He is next to the longest serving leader  Equatorial Guinea’s Teodoro Obiang Nguema, who has been in power since 1979 (44 years).

But since his leadership, Cameroon has experienced a long spell of political instability under Biya’s iron hand – one of which has been the Anglophone rebellion that broke out in the South West and North West.

Biya’s reign has also been accused of wide spread election malpractices as Biya has won every election from the day he became president.

Critics always say Biya has created a system for himself that not only does his bidding but keeps him in power with minimum resistance from the judiciary to the military to every appointed minister.

His regime has been marked by Politicians who show no allegiance and loyalty to the
Biya have as alternative put out in the cold or in jail.

Even in the media, journalist who have always reported against the Biya regime have been widely framed up, accused, arrested and tortured or in some cases killed as in the case of Journalist Samuel Wazizi.

President Biya’s mandate runs out in 2025, when he will be 92. While he has shown no signs of exiting the stage, in recent developments, motion of support have started going out asking Biya sit in for another term – which leave the question ‘Where is Cameroon Heading To’ ?

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