Russian: Vladimir Putin Seeks Another Presidential Term

Russian President, Vladimir Putin on Friday affirmed his position to run for Presidency again in the 2024 election.

The 71-Year-Old made the announcement on Friday, December 8 following a ceremony in the Kremlin, where he awarded soldiers who fought in the war in Ukraine with Russia’s highest military honor, the Hero of Russia Gold Star.

“I won’t hide it. [I have had] different thoughts at different times,” Putin stated.

“But you are right. Now is such a time when it is necessary to make a decision. I will run for president,” He added while in the gilded Georgievsky Hall, part of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Putin’s announcement was a response to Artyom Zhoga, the speaker of a de facto regional parliament in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Donetsk region, who beckoned on the Russian leader to run in the elections slated for March 17, claiming to be speaking for “all the people” in the Donbas.

According to Zhoga he was very glad Putin had accepted the request, stating that all of Russia would support the decision.

It’s been two years since Putin prompted the invasion of Ukraine that has been a disaster for Russia, leaving about tens of thousands of soldiers dead, changing the country’s economy and ruining ties with the West.

Putin aims to continue his repressive and unyielding grip on Russia for at least another six years – a move likely to keep him in power until at least 2030.

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