Stiff Competition Mounts At 237showbiz Music Competition. Find Out Who Is Daphne’s Match For The Collabo!

By Soft Banks

Out of 120 registered contestants, 10 artist made it to the top for this years finals into the 237 Showbiz Music competition. Aspirations have been very high to see who emerges winner considering the benefits and exposure the brand has offered.

Kowan, Okunol, Black Fame, Nivo Ti, Ac Prince, Don Franko, Epiesco, Treccer Fresh Recky Dasha and Pouncy Kido are left in the competition that has lasted for months with constant eliminations in every segment.

Out of these 10, little Kowan seems to be trending on social as his age stands a contrast to his extraordinary rap talent.

Kowan is the puzzle here! The organising committee promises to award the winners with a whole publicity package and the opportunity to collaborate with one of Cameroons biggest and most famous artist, Daphne.

From a close look at Daphne’s choice of songs, she has majored on love and romance, constantly expressing herself to her partner and we are tempted to ask what kind of jam could we possibly listen from Kowan and Daphne if he wins the competition?

Her famous “Calee” is just one of those to be named. In contrast, Kowan does a vibrant rap with hardcore lyrics.

While others like Okunol, Black Fame, Nivo Ti, Ac Prince, Don Franko, Epiesco, Treccer Fresh Recky Dasha and Pouncy Kido who are adults are good choices for the love songs, it is the prerogative of the judges to make the final decision and crown the winner in the days ahead.

Aspirations are high and we all anxious to know who grabs the trophy at the end of the day.

The 237 Showbiz competition is a brilliant idea initiated last year by the 237showbiz team in other to promote young artistes and the growth of the Cameroon music industry as a whole.

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