The Bliss Magazine, Africa’s Budding Wedding & Lifestyle Magazine

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The Bliss Magazine, a brand new publication has been launched in Cameroon

The Bliss team said they’re looking to infiltrate the public space with top notch weddings and lifestyle content from across Africa

On its premier publication, The Bliss Magazine features Cameroon-based Nigerian-born clergy Reverend Tunde Steve and wife Olatunde Eleanor

Reverend Tunde–dubbed the celebrity preacher–shares an insight into his marriage and life. They both talk about the responsibilities of being married and give an insight to successfully picking a great life partner and pursuing purpose

The magazine introduces a charming character called Dr Bliss

Dr Bliss teaches you mind blowing strategies on what you should know and do before your marriage, who you should marry and who you shouldn’t be looking at

In it’s subsequent publications, The Bliss Magazine magazines aims to publish quarterly, creating content not just from Cameroon, but delving into Africa’s top celebrities, entrepreneurs and people of all walks of life with focus on their lifestyle, weddings and marriage

The publication also features an amazing column to read from some of the best minds and wedding planners in the continent

Click here to get an affordable copy of the premier edition of The Bliss Magazine. Pay securely with EnowDigital using credit card, mobile money and PayPal

BlissMagazine Inquiries: (+237) 677138451 / 655151238

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