Amidst Gov’t Silence, Barrister Tamfu Richard To Sue Moja Moja In Court–But Which Court?

Barrister Tamfu Richard, human rights lawyer has promised to sue controversial chief Ekome John also known as Moja Moja to court

The past 3 weeks the controversial traditional ruler and former government soldier has been trending after he took to social media to share multiple videos

In all of the videos Moja Moja who flaunts his military experience as he tortures guys in civil attire, allegeding them to be separatist fighters

But despite the trend on social media and citizens going wild online, the Cameroonian authorities are yet to react, giving the impression that Moja Moja, a citizen like others, could torture civilians on camera and go scot free

The victims are yet to be confirmed as separatists

“We can’t seat back watching this guy unleashing terror and acts of violence on innocent civilians with impunity”, Barrister Tamfu said in his writing

Adding that he will be leading a criminal complaint against Moja Moja in the days ahead with other Human Rights Advocates and Lawyers.

“It is more than time we made him pay for his crimes before a Court of Law. I will teach him that No one is above the Law in Cameroon and that No one can take the laws into their hands as he does with all impunity” the Barrister added

But citizens has been asking what court? Knowing how closely connected the courts have been, it’s hard to say if the Barrister will make any good success with his fight against Moja Moja

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