(Video) Watch Fresh Release of Kamer’s Latest Hit Movie-FIRST BORN

Watch the latest release direct from the Cameroon Enter10ment Gospel World- FIRST BORN official trailer video

First Born talks of Divine, a primary six boy caught in a web of abuse and neglect by his school teachers and peers. School authorities refuse to register Divine as an internal candidate for the common entrance examination because they fear an overall drop in their grades and performance.

At home, Divine being the only child to his parents goes through emotional torture as his parents scold at him every now and then. In the midst of his pain and dark clouds, his class teacher Mr. Pangalla comes to his rescue by unraveling a Biblical revelation from Exodus 13:2


It is discovered Divine is the FIRST BORN to his parents.

Is Divine suffering from a curse or was he a victim of stigmatization and hate by a school system that cares for bright pupils and reputation to the detriment of slow learners?

FIRST BORN will go down memory lane

Watch the amzing trailer and leave your comments below. Let’s know what you think about FIRST BORN.

Remember first born would soon be aired so get ready for the master piece directed by one of Kamer’s finest, Ndum Stanisla

Ndum Stanisla: First Born Director
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  • Writer/ producer: Ndum Stanisla
  • Cinematography: Giscard Cedrick
  • Editor: Priestly Adoh
  • Gaffer: Ralph O. Tambe
  • Sound Track: Erictranz
  • Director: Ndum Stanisla

Hey write what you think about FIRST BORN below!

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