“I Will Not Be Part Of The National Assembly Meeting Today.Either We Meet With Less Than 50 MPs Or Develop A Means Of Teleworking”- Nourane Fotsing

One of Cameroon’s youngest members of Parliament, Honorable Nourane Fotsing has refused to take part in today’s parliamentary deliberations that will bring together several government authorities in Yaounde.

Fotsing of the PCRN party says the gathering goes against present measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus in Cameroon as it brings together more than 50 persons.

“Unfortunately, I will not take part in the work of the National Assembly today, March 26, due to the failure to respect the social distance measures amongst others.

Either we meet with less than 50 MPs or we develop a means of teleworking” Nourane announced

Cameroon member of Parliament, Honorable Nourane Fotsing at a government event

On Tuesday March 17, Prime minister Joseph Dion Ngute announced a series of measures taken by the government to prevent further spread of Coronavirus in Cameroon.

It included the prohibition of gatherings above 50 persons, closure of land, sea and air borders – except for cargo and other products which will be checked thoroughly

The announcement also suspended entry visas and imposed a quarantine period for travellers entering Cameroon – the total closure of schools, restriction of drinking spots and other public places from operating after 6pm

Early this week, wepublished our closed chat with a health source in Yaounde who revealed hidden stories and pointed reason that the government is concealing actual figures and cases of Coronavirus in Cameroon.

Our source, an official working with the team charged with Covid-19 patients in Yaounde, said there are many more cases of Coronavirus in Cameroon than official records put it.

“They are hiding it, some government officials have contracted the Covid-19 virus, and even the wife of general is currently in quarantine” our source said authoritatively

Coronavirus In Cameroon : Figures The Govt Is Hiding From You

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