President Paul Biya-Cameroon

When many thought all hopes were gone, a supposed write-up resurfaced by the President that break the long silence, admitting that it is time for objective discussions in Cameroon.

“It is time for serious and objective discussions on issues that are dear to Cameroonians which are purchasing power, employment and living conditions. In other words, such issues constitute what our people legitimately expect from a prosperous and equitable economy and a just and independent society”… Paul Biya, Cameroon. 

The above is an extract which was published early today June 22, 2017 at exactly 1:27pm.

This idea was made public in his official post where the president notes that issues that are dear to Cameroonians have to be trashed with immediate effect. The post which was put up on Facebook and twitter aroused conflicting comments both in English and French. While many doubt if the post was published by him or his public relations department, others expressed an eager desire for change. Another school of thought expressed worry and said the future is oblique.

See some of the numerous comments on this post:

“yes you are right, we need industries in Kumba now”

“Better last time than never. God bless Mr. President”

“Well said my president”

“Ca ne sert a rien de critique r notre president de la sorte…il sait ce qu’il fait pour le Cameroun.Voyez par vous meme…”

“Pa paul, you are not the one writing these things. It is a distraction”

A last group decided that they would only comment their actual stand points on this whole issue when the doubt is clear that the Facebook and twitter pages are under his approval and not a sham. While many take this serious, another jokingly asked for their laptops.

click here to see post by the president

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