Corona Chronicles: ‘They Received Cars Instead Of Kits’- How Social Media Grew Wild

“God, where did we go wrong? Can someone not convert those cars to money and buy testing kits, hospital beds and drugs or even build a laboratory well equipped for our people?” someone lamented right after the announcements were made

Pressure is brewing up on social media after Cameroonian authorities have appreciated WHO Cameroon for supporting the nation with 14 cars in the fight against Covid-19.

The handover took place on Tuesday, received by Naseri Paul Bea, governor of the central region in Yaounde.

“This is disgraceful, gifting of luxury SUVs as part of covid-19 budget isn’t the type of support WHO needs to give” another comment followed

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But governor Naseri Paul said the gifts were very much needed

“The center region needed these cars. We have remote and landlocked divisions like Ngambe Tikar, Yoko and others. The need was so huge, we thank WHO as a good observer and good guide who came to our aid with 14 vehicles and as many drivers and fuel support…. ” he said

“Not ventilators, not testing kits, not PPE but 14 luxury SUVs for health officials based in Cameroon’s capital are what WHO devices to spend money on to fight Covid-19 in a country with the 2nd highest prevalence in Sub Saharan Africa, #Shameonyou” US based Cameroonian Tech guru Rebecca Enonchong wrote on twitter

The WHO representative in Cameroon explained the reasons for the support to the Center region

“You are aware that the Central region is the region most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with more than 1,000 cases. It is for this reason that we could not remain without supporting the health region in order to control this pandemic ” Christian Itama said.

“Wow, they need the SUV to do what exactly, serve as an ambulance or what? The WHO representatives in Cameroun are presumably Africans” another person thought aloud

“We totally reject this clumsy donation of 14 brand new PRADO vehicles with a total value of around 1 billion in these times of health crisis in our country Covid-19 cannot be treated with Prados.

The World Health Organisation is in a high corruption plan of the minds of some of our leaders! We want respiratory kits and stocks of drugs, we deserve better” opposition member, Honorable Nourane Fotsing said about the donations.

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