Covid-19: The Real Truth About Archbishop Samuel Kleda’s ‘Cure’ , Does It Really Cure Patients?

“Archbishop Samuel Kleda has discovered a cure to Coronavirus and has cured several patients in Cameroon”, multiple and viral posts have suggested on social media.

It is reported that the Cameroonian clergy, Archbishop of the Douala Metropolitan Archdiocese, Samuel Kleda reportedly produced a concoction of plants which cure Coronavirus.

Relating to news that the Bishop cures this disease, Politician and former presidential candidate Kah Walla has said the drugs are real but the Bishop doesn’t claim to cure Coronavirus

“He doesn’t claim to “cure Coronavirus”, he has developed a plant-based therapy with very positive effects on patients showing Covid-19 symptoms. He notes the therapy is most effective in early stages” – the former presidential candidate wrote after putting a call through to Kleda

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News of the concoction is also reported on State Media and confirmed true

Apart from being a clergy, Samuel Kleda prides as a medicinal plant research expert for over thirty years

It is expected that authorities make official pronouncements about his concoction which may bring a sigh of relief to Cameroonians and that the government pumps resources into developing his innovation.

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April 1, 2020, Kleda, the Cameroonian Catholic Archbishop first told journalists in Douala that medicinal plants can be tried as a possible cure of coronavirus.

“Our plants strengthen the immune system and cure many diseases,” he said at a press briefing

“I am convinced that traditional medicine can fight Coronavirus. Traditional African recipes exist and protection systems based on our plants have proven their effectiveness for centuries” he added and explained in reference to medicinal plants

Kleda said “If we put them to work, we would save lives in our country. So, let’s get to work and use our plants. Garlic, onion, ginger and many other plants can be used effectively in this fight since they boost one’s immunity”, the 61-year-old Prelate affirmed in hope.

Cameroon as of April 25, 2020 has registered 1,430 Covid-19 cases, 768 active cases, 207 hospitalised, 28 on respiratory assistance, 697 recoveries and 53 deaths

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