Cabral Libii Calls Out Biya: ‘This Same Way Of Governing Has Already Cost Us 4 Years Of Civil War’

Cabral Libii, president of the PCRN Party has called out President Biya over his prolonged silence on the health crisis, Covid-19 rocking Cameroon

Libii who was the youngest candidate and third in the 2018 presidential elections has asked Paul Biya to ‘wake up from his deep sleep’

Libii told Actu Cameroun that Biya’s silence raises so much controversy on social media and he cannot continue to let the health minister run things at the time Cameroonians need him most.

“The lights are already red” reiterated the member of the national assembly, adding that Biya must wake up from his deep sleep

“In a situation of health and economic war, the country can no longer continue to be managed by the Minister of Health alone, it’s already overwhelming” Libii added

“Mr. president, this same way of governing has already cost us 4 years of civil war in the english-speaking part of the country. Pull yourself together because these are your last hopes of leaving through an honorable door at the head of our country” Libii told Actu

Two weeks ago, Maurice Kamto, opposition leader and president of the MRC Party implored Biya to assume his presidential duties and address the people, or failure to do so will mean proof of his capability.

On social media, Cameroonians are demanding to hear him speak even after the government annulled 20th May (national day) celebrations

Cameroon has recorded 2,077 Covid-19 cases and 64 deaths. Biya’s ministers have done the talking since the first case emerged on March 6.

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