(ARREYB)Exclusive Interview With Prof. George Nyamndi: “The UN Is Responsible For Cameroon’s Problem”

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Prof. George Nyamndi is national president of the Social Liberal Congress Party, (SLC) who was presidential candidate in 2004 and 2011. He is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Buea and has been very blunt since recent uproar on the Anglophone beefing.wp-image-1703152854

In an exclusive interview granted to ARREYB, the Anglophone Cameroonian made it clear that Cameroon’s basic problem stems from the UN’s decision back in history. He sees the UN as the cause of Cameroon’s problem as they tried to merge two nations.

“…But I continue to blame the United Nations. How did they think that such disparate people would come together and pull it off in any meaningful way?” 

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It is the inability to manage these differences that has resulted to the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

He adds;

“You cannot claim that there is unity when there is not. Both Anglophones and Francophones grew up under different colonial proprietors and under different cultural and ethical conditions”

We are different people and we must be able to manage our differences to live together. To him, Cameroon can’t stand the luxury of a battle and so he calls on us to go back to the drawing board, revisit history and put everything in place.

George Nyamndi also made it clear that Cameroon should be ideally governed by the Anglophones.

“If the marginalized people rule, then there is less fear and the risk of marginalizing the majority would be evicted”, he added.

To him the latter have only duty to offer. A minority population would not indulge in tribalism and nepotism. Even if it does, the consequences will not be as far-reaching as when such governance deviance is practiced by a majority population.

His finger points to them and calls for an urgent attention to the problems plaguing the Anglophone society for peace to reign.

Watch out for the complete Video of this interview coming up on ARREYB conducted by Arrey Bate and veteran journalist Martin Nkemngu


Prof. George Nyamndi and Arrey Bate

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