​Tzy Panchak Tries The Rare; An Acting Career in Rabiatou Queen’s “Curve Of Life”-The Must Watch Movie

Anticipations are already made for Rabiatou Queen’s “The Curve Of Life”, a short movie in which Cameroon’s Music icon Tzy Panchak features as actor and ambassador. 
The Multi-talented Tzy will be engaging an acting and branding career in Rabiatou Queen’s “The Curve Of Life”. 

Rabiatou Queen, CEO BFF on “The Curve Of Life”

Amazingly, the short movie stares other incredible Kamer celebrities like Sparx Da Virus, MC Calvino, Ifaana, Ngwane Denzel and others yet to be exposed. 

The deal was made open in an exclusive briefing to ARREYB where Rabiatou Queen, mother of the project revealed that the movie aims at giving hope to the widows of modern day Cameroon. 

The Project spearheaded by her Bright Future Foundation is on the sensitization stage of the “Keep A Widow alive” Campaign. 

This movie depicts an everyday experience of widows and orphans in relation to their plight having to combat the hard economy with poverty and other social difficulties in day to day life.

What if these widows were empowered and given more hope? After all, they didn’t commit a crime by being widows; some were only a prey to the dangerous hands of fate which took loved ones away.

Queen’s breathing passion and desire to empower widows stirred up the initiative. The Bright Future Foundation Communications department in a press release has revealed that the final stage of the project will be the vocational training and setting up of small businesses for these widows so they can afford basic needs and carter for their kids. 

  • Movie Shoot- The Curve Of Life“The

“Curve Of Life” is definitely the movie you shouldn’t miss. Anticipations have been made and fans have expressed a burning desire to see the complete work which will be available in the coming weeks. 

“The Curve Of Life” -Movie shoot

Movie Credits: 

  • Executively produced by Rabiatou Queen, CEO Bright Future Foundation
  • Directed by Samba Paul
  • Movie Shots By Njoka TV
  • Sponsored by Rabiatou’s Charity Program and other supports 

The project “Keep A Widow Alive” is still open to sponsorship and support 

☎Contact : 673 383 249

✉ rabiatouqueen@gmail.com 

Visit Bright Future Foundation on www.bff.sosneedy.org.

Tzy Panchak in “The Curve Of Life”


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