Wife Of Murdered Journalist, Martinez Zogo Pens Down Agonizing Note To Biya And Other World Leaders, Demands Protection For Her Family

The wife of murdered Cameroonian journalist Martinez Zogo has beckoned on President Paul Biya, Pope Francis, the UN and other renowned world leaders for her husband’s assassins be brought to book and Protection for her children and family.

In an article published on La Voix du Koat on January 25, Diane Zogo said they (international authorities) should demand protection of her children and family from the Cameroonian Government in the face of uncertainties that continue to await them.

Her plea is that a national and international commission of inquiry be set up to carry an independent investigation to uncover her husband’s killers.

Diane ended her note by calling on all men and women of the world who love peace, justice, and freedom to challenge themselves to defend the memory of the father of her children whom she believes was cowardly and barbarously killed because he was defending a just and noble course in the interest of each and everyone.

Martinez Zogo was abducted on Tuesday January 17, he was killed, his body maimed and dumped on the outskirts of Yaounde on January 22.

It is alleged that the managing director of Amplitude FM, a popular radio station in Yaounde, was killed while in the process of investigating pro-government billionaire Amougou Belinga.

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