Tunisia: Government Adopts New Measures For Migrants After Racist Deeds

To improve the stay of foreigners especially sub-Saharan Africans in Tunisia, the Tunisian government has adopted fresh initiatives.

This decision comes after the maltreatment and racist offense of several Cameroonians and other sub-Saharan African migrants in Tunisia following President Kais Saied’ declaration on illegal immigration.

A declaration that sparked harsh actions against sub-Saharan Africans thereby prompting many governments to vacate hundreds of their nationals from Tunisia.

Due to distress calls by international organizations on the discrimination against sub-Saharan Africans, a number of new measures have been drawn up by the Tunisian government.

Migrants have been given a toll-free number to report issues of violation of thier rights, Medical and psychological assistance for all migrants and new residence cards to be given to students from other African countries to ease their stay in Tunisia.

The president also said certificates of residence will be extended and thier expiry time will span from 3 to 6 months for nationals of several African countries.

Also for those who want to return to Tunisia, an organized framework has been put in place in line with Tunisia’s diplomatic mission and migrants will no longer pay the penalty amounting to 80 dinars or €25 and up to €1000.

The Tunisian government stressed on the need to fight against all forms of human trafficking and exploitation of irregular migrants.

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