They Bullied The Minister Over Bags Of Rice, He Responded On State Media “We Have Supporting Documents”

On state media, CRTV, Cameroon’s minister of Public Health Manaouda Malachie has responded to media bullying over donated bags of rice- gifts received during these tough seasons of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Where are the 4,000 bags of rice donated by OHCA, or it’s not my business?” someone asked on social media

OHCHA is a supermarket in the country which made a donation early this year, to assist families battling with the health crisis and lockdowns

“Whenever we receive gifts, we publish them. We also write to the donors, giving details on how the gifts have been managed.”

the minster said, adding that 4,000 bags of rice were received on April 29, 2020, as we earlier reported

“They are no longer in our possession, the gifts have been distributed to the 10 regions of Cameroon long ago. We have supporting documents at the Ministry of Health and we’re hiding nothing”

Early this week, social media grew wild and Cameroonains started to question how gifts and donations received during the coronavirus pandemic were disbursed

Some citizens said they hadn’t received anything and didn’t know what disbursement the minister was talking about

The scandal has overpowered the fight against Coronavirus in Cameroon

But the authoritative French Daily newspaper ‘Le Jour’ said the bags of rice did not reach the people.

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