[The Limbe Dinner] 12 Year Old House Mate Makes Confession, Police Arrest 5

Early this week, Police in Limbe, Cameroon opened investigation on the death of Gladys Ebai, 66, Shella Ebai, 38, and Che Sharon, 3, who died after consuming fufu corn and vegetable.

The outgoing Director of the Limbe Regional Hospital, Dr Denis Nsame confirmed three dead and eight others hospitalized under intensive care.

It has now been revealed by the Advocate Newspaper that the act was perpetrated by their 12-year-old house help who was recently brought from the village.

The Limbe Police have arrested 5 persons in connection with the murder alongside the girl said to have confessed to the crime.

They will be investigated for the food poison which killed 3, hospitalized 8 family members including a 3 months old baby as reported by CNA.

This is a developing story ! A proper autopsy report is also awaited from the doctors.

Here’s a trending video on social media. It shows how they were arrested by the Police early today. Watch on our Facebook page ARREYB Media


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