The British House Of Commons And The Case Of Anglophone Cameroon


After the paper work and further arrangements, London has proven that all is set for advocates of Southern Cameroon to meet with the British House of Commons, reports Cameroon Concord

The only thing left is for the liaison member of Parliament to meet with the executives and fix a date for the hearing.

Speculations are that a dual-sided approach might be adopted; audience with the House of Commons and audience with her majesty.

This situation however comes few hours after a communiqué has flaunted social media of a supposed “restriction” on Seseku Ayuk Julius Tabe, SCACUF chairman to see the Queen.

His request dated 24th August was shifted by her majesty to the Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Office who would provide a detailed report on the state of affairs in Southern Cameroon.

Though many thoughts have been raised as to the Queen’s action, Southern Cameroon activists have argued that it is a good sign. The fact that the Queen delegates a commission to give her feedback on the state of affairs back home shows that she is aware of the present squabbles in Cameroon.

We can only watch to see how events unfold…

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