Tension on Social Media: Anglophones Debate Plans to Kidnap Administrators for a Ransom to Fund the Struggle-ArreyB

For the past few hours, social media has been very hot on the issue of arrest and kidnap of administrative authorities for a ransom to be paid. The ransom to them would help to fund the Anglophone struggle in Cameroon and foster their plans to claim “freedom”. 

The idea of the arrest was suggested by one Abbie (Abazonian Lady) on social media. Her post shared by many created tension and attracted conflicting comments across the globe. See extract of her post below;

“As an Ambazonian lady, i propose that since LRC still imposes taxes on S. Cameroons people and at a time when SCACUF needs funds we should kidnap our colonial administrators then ask ransom from their government in Yaoundé…”

While many showed interest and applauded her suggestion, a disgruntled group insulted her idea and expressed fear to aggravate the situation on grounds. They said it was not necessary for the moment. The conflicting thoughts shared on the post only showed that Anglophones are yet to be unanimous on some decisions.

However, implementing this might strain issues and add to the already made sores at a time when dialogue and consultative talks is needed in objection to violence.

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