Three Years On, The Arrest And Detention Of Ayah Paul Abine

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This day three years ago, on January 21, 2017, the highest Anglophone judge at the Supreme Court, Ayah Paul Abine, was abducted from his Yaounde residence by an official armed squad of six persons

Upwards of seven months, he was released from captivity without charge, or any investigation, properly so-called!

The persecution has persisted ever since then – continually – either directly by the Camerounese Government, or by its surrogates or by proxy:

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1 FINANCIAL CRUNCH: For no tangible reasons, the government still retains PA Ayah’s arrears of salary for seventeen months; plus his pension for over a year now.

2 IMMOBILIZING AYAH: PA Ayah’s personal car was stolen by an official squad of three: two in police uniform and one in military fatigue.

3 PLOTS TO ELIMINATE: A notorious minister did establish a list of five persons to be eliminated in and around Buea: PA Ayah figured prominently in the list.

4. A GANG OF MURDERERS: The government has connived at the existence of a gang of notorious international criminals to NEUTRALIZE, not only PA Ayah this time around, but along with some of his family relations.

5 IN SEARCH OF A PRETEXT: PA Ayah’s residence at Akwaya as the girls’ orphanage there has been raided and the structures riddled with bullets.

The St Valentine Centre, (orphanage), Buea, has been raided half a dozen times since the Anglophone War began by armed official squads.

6. WANTON ATTACKS: On the instigation of the Camerounese Government, the whole world has been told in recent weeks that we of the Ayah Family are terrorists; and that they hold over a hundred irrefutable proofs. Hopefully, legal process at the appropriate time shall afford the opportunity.

Such similar plots have been replayed every January since PA Ayah’s release three years ago.

By Ayah Paul Abine

Paul Abine Ayah was a member of the National Assembly of Cameroon and a member of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement.

Until recently, he created the Opposition Party called the Peoples Action Party (PAP). In August 2007, he was elected as Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly of Cameroon.

He is a deputy for Manyu in the Southwest Region and was the highest Anglophone judge at the Supreme Court as of 2017.

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