Nagy Was Right After All: ‘There Are People Telling Him Mr. President You Can Win This Militarily’

Excerpt :

“But Mr. Biya said if you want peace be prepared for war. I saw in him that, that was somebody who wanted to fight under all costs before his term comes to an end … There are people telling him Mr. President you can win this militarily” – Tibor Nagy

In November 2019, US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy reiterated that military option in Cameroon will not bring the Anglophone Crisis to an end.

Speaking at the Africa Relations Subcommittee Hearing, Tibor Nagy said the Major National Dialogue was more of a symbolic than a concrete initiative.

That President Paul Biya is probably ill advised.

“There are people telling him Mr. President you can win this militarily. The truth is, it’s not going to be won militarily, you can’t wipe out a thought militarily” Nagy told the subcommittee citing the case of the US and other nations.

Few weeks down the drain, it has appeared that Mr. Nagy accurately predicted Biya and his moves. In his end of year speech, the president fueled the military and renewed his declaration for war on separatist fighters in the Anglophone regions

“For those who persist in going down the wrong road and using violence , we will have no other choice than to combat them in order to protect all our fellow citizens. Our Defense and security forces will once again perform their duty with restraint, but without weakness. I wish to reassure them of my full support and high esteem.” – Paul Biya said.

Biya acted every pinch of Tibor Nagy’s presentation at the subcommittee. “Every day, more Cameroonians are getting radicalised due to government’s handling of the crisis making them think declaring a separate country is the way to go.” Nagy added.

For the crisis to end, the American diplomat advised that there has to be a true dialogue, one whose proof is in the implementation of results.

The speech has received wide negative reactions from citizens and the media who believe the country’s wild policies need an overhaul.

Separatist leaders on social media have accepted Biya’s renewed war vows and said they would fight till the end.

In a live television panel to analyse Paul Biya’s address on December 31, 2019, Journalist Kum Mua Paul said the address was the worst he ever presented.

He reiterated that there were two things implied; “either Paul Biya is tired of making speeches or his speech writers have outlived their usefulness and should be relieved of their duties”

Prior to his speech, the journalist predicted that Biya, in order to bring peace would possibly declare a ceasefire and withdrawal of the military from the Anglophone regions, release all prisoners detained in the context of the Anglophone crisis and announce an all-inclusive dialogue with separatist to set an agenda for reconciliation and reconstruction of the Anglophone regions, but all these were ignored.

The announce of battle has cleared all hopes for peace in the Anglophone crisis.

Violence erupted in the two regions in 2017 when teachers and lawyers protested alleged discrimination at the hands of Cameroon’s French-speaking majority.

UN records say the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon has killed at least 3,000 people and displaced over 500,000.

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