Martinez Zogo Case: Court Rejects Amougou Belinga’s Request For Bail

The center court of appeal has rejected Amougou Belinga’s request for his temporal release while the case is ongoing.

This was during the court hearing on Wednesday, April 26. As it stands, Amougou Belinga has been taken back to Kondengui.

Lawyer’s Of Martinez Zogo’s family Vow to take Legal Actions against Assault On Thier Collegue

This was after a member of thier team, Bar. Émilienne MINDZEME ONDOA, was attacked on Thursday April 27.

The defence counsel has said they are bent on tabling the issue to the Cameroon Bar Association.

Defense Counsel of Martinez Zogo’s family to take legal actions against counterpart for assault.

Led by Bar.Calvin JOB, they wrote: “While the Court of Appeal of the Centre region (Yaoundé) rendered its verdict, logically rejecting as the law requires, the request for the release of Mr. AMOUGOU BELINGA, our colleague Bar. Émilienne MINDZEME ONDOA, was violently assaulted and taken, in front of witnesses, by Mr. NDOUMOU, Lawyer for Mr. AMOUGOU BELINGA . This intolerable aggression, on law practitioners, will obviously give rise to an ethical report that will be addressed to the Cameroon Bar Association and filing of a criminal complaint with the competent Public Prosecutor.”

They believe it was an unprofessional act spurred by frustration but nevertheless justice must take it’s course.

The Vision 4 boss will remain in pre-trial detention untill further notice.

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