‘Lion Hunter’ Joins ‘Lion Man’: Jacques Ekindi Carefours Back To CPDM

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Cameroonian politician, Honorable Jean Jacques Ekindi has announced his return to the ruling party, CPDM

That he is stepping down as the national President of the Progressive Movement party(MP), a party he founded in 1991, to return as militant of the ruling party

In a press conference in Douala early today, Ekindi said the opposition has failed to form a solid coalition and he was moving to contribute his quota in building the nation.

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But local media has criticised the move, given that he failed to win a position in the just ended elections of February 2020 – standing in as parliamentarian for Wouri.

Ekindi At Opposition

Playing in the opposition, Jean Jacques Ekindi moved to create the MP party on the 23rd of August 1991 boycotting the CPDM where he served at the time

He participated in a rally held by the National Coordination of Opposition Parties and Associations (NCOPA) in Douala in September 1991 where he was arrested.

He was brutalised by military forces and temporally hospitalised.

That same period, over 30 persons were arrested as they protested in Douala against his arrest. The government put him in custody for less than 24 hours

In October 1992 presidential elections, Ekindi stood as candidate for the MP party.

His campaign came under trouble as he was accused of using defamatory words against Paul Biya and his coverage on state media CRTV was limited.

The restriction was later fixed and a portion of his campaign aired on CRTV

When Biya garnered the nickname “Lion Man” (L’homme Lion – French) in the 1992 presidential election, Ekindi in turn picked the nickname “Lion Hunter” (Chasseur Du Lion) as a fierce opposition to Biya

In the official poll results that year, Ekindi came fifth earning 0.79% in a total of 23,525 votes.

Ekindi has always stood for federalism as a solution to the Anglophone crisis.

In his federalist manifesto of August 2019, Ekindi opined that the only way for reconciliation is for the president to grant federalism to the North West and South West regions.

He now joins the CPDM, the party has remained firm in their stance against federalism and secession in Cameroon.

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