Just Like Agbor Bala, Fontem Neba Is Decorated With Traditional Title By Bafut Kinsmen(Photos) 

By Ambe Holy

Since his return from prison, freed Anglophone leader, Dr. Fontem Neba made his first visit to his home city early today . 
His entry at Bafut was heroic and welcomed by friends, relatives and some bikers who patrolled the street to escort him. 

Fontem Neba just like Bar. Agbor Bala has been given a traditional title from his kingsmen who found value placing this on him. 

Escort of Dr. Fontem Neba’s arrival at Bafut

He was conferred the title called “Abaa Njeng” which is the highest distinction in the Bafut land. 

While Agbor Bala got Seseku from the Manyu land, Fontem Neba goes home with “Abaa Njeng” from the Bafut land. 

Many however watch to see their next actions in the Anglophone struggle.

 While some think they are derailing, others say the leaders have gone too far to drop on their conviction. 


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